The past few weeks have been hectic and exhausting. I had a LOT of work and we also had houseguests for about a week.

My work has switched management and that has been odd.

I scattered my dogs ashes last week and it brought back my feelings of depression. I’m also a bit anxious as I have to meet with my ex at some point to give him some of the ashes.

I keep thinking that I would LOVE a vacation but then I’d need a few days to recover from that. I have a hard time taking time off; it’s not really my nature to sit around.

life has returned to normal. Which is kinda strange.

its been a few months since I left Facebook and the fact that I still think of status updates prompted me to look at the psychological effects FB can have. I wasn’t startled by what I read but it was informative and explains why I was having some of the reactions towards things and situations. I do find it amazing that this thing that is supposed to make us more connected can, in fact, isolate us more.

(good god. I smell like a combo of samosas from the gas station and a customers atrocious cologne.)

ive been trying to write more lately. I used to be a good writer and I’d like to get back to that.