do you know what it feels like to be still?

How long has it been since you got lost in your head and perhaps drooled on yourself?

I took this week off. Here’s the run down of my schedule:

Wake up, feed the farm, police them while making coffee. Let the dogs out and drink coffee while enjoying the morning. Sit on couch with cats for 20 minutes and learn something new.

Get going: work for 2-3 hrs at job, for the next 4-5 hours I practice and clean on breaks. Sometimes I neglect a chore in favor of playing with pets or sitting outside.

After my 3 hr rehearsal, I come home to the permanent room mate and snuggle while chatting and then eventually watch a show and head to bed.

i was lucky this week because I had 2 days and one night without the hubs; I got to be by myself. A LUXURY!

i felt relaxed. I got to think about a lot.

Its hard to stop. I highly recommend it. Even if it inconveniences you.