Again, I forgot about this. I saw that I last posted 6 months ago. 2 days after that post, I got a dog.
3 days later I found out I was pregnant. Again.
5 weeks later….I’m on Vicodin at work because I have to work and a miscarriage is just, you know, routine around here.
I didn’t feel good until about 2 weeks ago.
My mom once told me that it took her 6 months until she felt like she could do stuff after her mom died. I guess it’s genetic.
Things aren’t ALL gloom and doom!
My brother got married to a lovely gal and their wedding was a hoot! We had 60 bottles of wine and 15 bottles of champagne to divide after the festivities. I’m not sure why he thinks people can drink wine like him.
My new dog is fantastic and a glorious mess.
My career has stalled because I chose to halt it. ( this is a good thing)
Because my mental state has somewhat cleared, I am no longer over-thinking.
I am looking forward to the impending rain as I am an avid toober and more water means the longer river run.
As I type this, the lyrics to ” my guitar gently weeps” are running through my head. I don’t know why!